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Mezcal with the typical identity of an artisanal distillate, with flavors and aromas that stand out and show its roots and folklore.

Made with one of the most emblematic agaves of the Mezcales El Espadín and the representative of Guanajuato: Salmiana, which for many is "the most exquisite of the Mezcales". 


  • Appearance: Pearly and with excellent body.
  • To the touch: Creamy and moisturizing, similar to a brown and reddish fruit ointment.
  • Its aroma: Presents nuances of ripe fruit trees and wild green herbs. In addition, aromas of cooked maguey, woods and a light smoked touch that highlight and demonstrate the correct processing of cooking and fermentation.
  • On the palate: The distinguished brave intensity of mezcals is perceived, intense flavors and fresh herbal explorations with notes of cinnamon, distinctive of the maguey used "Salmiana and Espadín".
  • A silky texture, smooth on the throat.
  • An aftertaste that highlights the heritage of flavors and aromas that repeat those previously described. With a complementary touch of yellow peel fruits, highlighting once again the meticulous care of its distillation.