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Our tradition elaborating artisanal mezcal started in 1874 with Antonio Huerta´s passion and vision of using the endemic species of agave salamiana that grows in ¨Rancho las Colonias”. He pursued his dreams creating high quality mezcal putting his effort on maintaining the best quality . We continue taking into account every detail so you can enjoy the aroma and taste in our mezcal. It´s a singular experience.

"Taking Mezcal is a unique experience" - Casa Mezcalera Las Colonias 

Craft Process


Sowing the best select seed in a nursery.


Direct plantation to the field for the development and maturation of the Agave Salmiana.


Once the agave has reached maturity, these are selected by jimadores
experienced who for generations have learned to perform
a correct pruning of stalks for the extraction of pineapples.


It is here where its characteristic flavor of mezcal is given,
we cook the pineapples in artisan masonry ovens
up to 6 days depending on the time of year.

Grinding with tahona

We use the traditional milling process with tahona,
round stone for extracting pineapple juice. 



To obtain our exquisite flavor, we ferment a mixture
of juice and must in wooden vats to give it an aroma and mouthfeel.


The final touch to give you our distinctive flavor and aroma,
It arrives during the distillation process in a copper alembic.




After an extensive and careful artisan process, our mezcal reaches the palate to delight our roots and folklore.